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Now that you’re learning about the paleo diet, you probably are excited to get to start making paleo recipes!  Unlike a lot of other diets, the paleo diet meal plan gives you a lot of freedom.  You get to enjoy fruits and vegetables, but also foods which a lot of other diets severely restrict, like meats, seafood, eggs, and in moderation dairy, legumes, and brown grains.  Even though you need to avoid high fructose corn syrup and processed sugars, desserts are still on the menu too.

The difference is that everything you eat will be 100% natural with no unwholesome artificial ingredients or food-like substances!
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Unlimited Vegetables

You can look up free paleo recipes online on paleo recipe blogs or fitness communities like CrossFit to get an idea of some of what you will be able to eat on the paleo diet.  A lot of the best easy paleo recipes you’ll find though are in paleo recipe books.  We recommend Paleo Recipe Book and The Primal Blueprint Cookbook.

The Paleo Recipe Book is our top recommendation for great paleo recipes—over 370 of them with color photographs!  It’s easy to navigate through the paleo recipes in this book which are broken into 18 categories like poultry, red meats, breakfast & desserts, soups & stocks, and stews & curries.

You can find paleo ground beef recipes, Paleo recipes for breakfast, paleo recipes for chicken, and anything else your heart desires right here.Paleo Good FatsIn order to make your task of hunting down healthy, natural ingredients easier, The Paleo Recipe Book has included an online food guide.  There is also a paleo food list to clarify specifics, and a guide to good fats, which can be a tricky subject for many people (who have been taught that all fats are bad).

The Paleo Recipe Book also helps you cook your food to perfection with meat doneness and easy cooking time charts.  There is an additional guide included just to help you prepare your steak!  Yep—you get to enjoy a steak on this diet!  This isn’t another crash diet where you starve yourself for a couple of months for short-term change; this is a long-term lifestyle which lets you eat delicious foods and get healthy and lose weight for the long term.

Some recipes included in The Paleo Recipe Book are crock-pot beef and sweet potato stew, cinnamon and apple omelet, lamb tagine with dates and almonds, halibut with green herb sauce, pumpkin pie, and bacon wrapped scallops.  The Paleo Recipe Book is already a great deal, but even better with the 8 Weeks Meal Plan and Herbs & Spices Guide currently included!

Our other cookbook recommendation for the best paleo recipes is The Primal Blueprint Cookbook by blogger Mark Sisson, who is well known for his website Mark’s Daily Apple.

The Primal Blueprint Cookbook includes a ton of color photographs and exciting recipes for foods like Salmon Chowder with Coconut Milk, Roasted Leg of Lamb with Herbs and Garlic, and Baked Chocolate Custard.Example Paleo Recipes from Mark Sisson!Nut and Herb Fried Chicken with AvocadoYou will need:2 chicken cutletsNut and Herb Fried Chicken with Avocado4 eggs4 cups of nuts (whatever type of  nuts you prefer, i.e. almonds, pecans, macadamia, etc.)½ cup herbs (your preference again)¼- ½ cup cooking oil1 avocado, sliced in half and removed from the peelSalt and pepper to season to your     preferenceHere are the steps:

Grind up the nuts or chop them very finely.  Chop up the herbs, and mix them together with the chopped nuts and salt and pepper.Beat the raw eggs in a bowl, and then dip the chicken cutlets into the egg first, the nut and herb mixture second.

The egg will help the nut and herb coating to stick to the chicken.

Heat a frying pan to medium, coat with cooking oil, and then cook the chicken on both sides until it is browned and cooked through.  About five minutes per side should be sufficient.Top with avocado, and it’s ready to serve!Fried chicken on a diet …?

When you eat primal, it’s possible!  What you are avoiding with paleo recipes is food additives, chemicals, corn syrup, processed sugars, and so on.  Instead of eating food-like substances, you’ll be eating real, honest to goodness food.

These paleo recipes are healthy because they’re natural.  You can lose weight or stabilize your weight on the paleo diet (even with that fried chicken!), but it’s a gradual, long term change, one that is healthier than any crash diet.  Paleo is a way of life!

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